Email Copies that actually convert

This is how you get your leads to reply you!


4/15/20241 min read

Cold Email Copy
Cold Email Copy

This is most crucial where most guys “FAIL”.

Framework to write
email copies -

  • Use less than 100 words

  • Focus on the end benefit your product/service is solving

  • Give a deadline under which you will bring them those benefits

  • Build rapport by giving case study

  • Don’t ask for a call directly, instead provide them with your value

  • Use Spintax in emails so that email servers take it as different emails

  • Don't put any images or links (not even in the signature), it will hurt deliverability

  • Add a personalized line for each lead it can be on their demography, don’t need to add don’t need to focus too much on this

  • Use 3:1 - your: me ratio, portray more stuff on them

Eg -
{Hi|Hey} {First Name}


Anyways, are you {struggling|familiar} with X?

Cause a business like {LEAD’S COMPANY} was facing the same issue

Currently they have Y benefits/Results in Z time.

Seems fair? Can I shoot sauce on how you can do it yourself for free?


P.S - {something related to your personalized line}

If you read this email - it follows all the above points.

Now add 2 more follow-ups for this
One - after 2 days of 1st outreach
Second - after 3 days of above follow up
Total - 3 mails/Lead